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What are some moments in video games that pissed you off?

3 words:  Luigi's.  Purple.  Coins.   >:(

Black Hole Sun:
A lot of the missions in Sonic and the Secret Rings...

...But after yelling in anger, I would say "I LOVE THIS GAME!".

Megaman 9, mostly, but I remember one time I got 100 coins on tick tock clock in SM64 and than fell to my death... that was pretty damn annoying.

Well, I've had many of these, but the one I remember clearly was when battling 0 in KDL3. Every time, the normal Dark Matter form eliminated most of my HP, and giant eye 0 just body slammed me until I die. this continued for about 2 hours, which was very frustrating. Finally, I got to bloody eye socket 0, who was extremely simple to beat.

World 8 of the Lost Levels. Each level took me about 50 lives.


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