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Left 4 Dead 3 (?)


Warning: Thread contains wild speculation

Relevant article:

So some interesting stuff has come out of Valve recently that is either teasing Left 4 Dead 3 or teasing their fans with a very elaborate mislead.

Valve's Marc Laidlaw (game designer for Half Life and Half Life 2 posted a Vine video ( titled "Dare I?" in which he seems to press the 3 button just to press L instead at the last second. Then a website with a .ru domain ( popped up with a countdown timer that happens to coincide with GamesCom, a video game conference in Germany that Valve will be attending this year. There's nothing for sure that says the site was made by Valve or not, but according to, the site has "similarities in terms of structure and file paths when compared to Valve’s official Left 4 Dead site." It's hardly evidence but it probably would have been overlooked had it not happened at the same time as Laidlaw's somewhat mystic Vine video. The website also features a 'Source 2' logo.

On the less speculative side of things, Valve will be showcasing a new trailer at their annual 'The International' Dota 2 tournament this August (pictured above). It happens before the time that the mysterious countdown points to, but we do know that we will see something from Valve at The International, whatever it may be.

TL;DR : Valve is releasing a new trailer. It may or may not be Something 3

The site is .ru, so don't get your hopes up, it's probavly some fan made hoax.
Also, Source 2 would logically be premiered with HL3, but that's beyond the point because The International premiere is most likely a Dota film "Free to Play" about Dota pro players.
... or it can be hl3 and the world will explode.


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