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Wifi Tethering/using an iDevice as a Wifi card
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I now say declare this Board opened and I express my gratefulness to Stoob for giving me my first mod title  XD

I'll start off by giving advice on how to solve what used to be the first problem I encountered when I recieved my new PC from xpike (btw thnx man)

Tethered/Jailbreaked iPod touch (2g or better is preferable)
Tethered/JB'ed iPhone prior to the 4s version
A USB iPhone cable adapter compatible with your iDevice
A PC without any wifi card or adapter,and a USB port and driver

Step 1
-First of all,you'll be opening cydia and adding the xsellize repo >>>
-Afterwards,look for the xsellize version of Pdanet (the one with the "X" icon), and install it
-This next part is tricky,cause you'll need to scroll down on the App description page to where the red warning is
-Next,you are required to copy/write down both the serial number and username the the red warning cotains and use that info to create/validate/register your version of Pdanet (that's pretty much what the red warning says,so just follow its instructions and you'll do fine)

Step 2
-Download the version of the Pda-net client that matches your OS (If your a Win 7 32-bit user for instance,download the version w/ the same name) and launch it
-Meanwhile, launch the PDAnet application in your device and select "USB Tether"
-Connect the device to your Computer,and if no message box appears saying that you have connected:go to your task bak and click on the pda net icon (it kinda looks like a phone) and select "connect"

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Re: Wifi Tethering/using an iDevice as a Wifi card
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i heard mywi works better