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Black Hole Sun:
since it's sort of my job to advertise even tho I'm late to making this

Issue LIX is out now. Read at your own risk.

I am not happy with my review, seems like I'm doing Capcom's advertising for them :/


--- Quote from: Crocodile Dippy on February 19, 2012, 08:30:54 AM ---Read at your own risk.

--- End quote ---

some quality advertising

Black Hole Sun:
I know, right? I'm so pro at this.

Mostly crap, but a couple parts were okay.

The History of Video Games section seems interesting.

I was surprised that the 3D Hidden Koopa picture actually works... sorta. I couldn't focus my eyes after getting them pointed in the right direction to make the pics overlap, but the blurry image did have depth.

The background of the Pipe Plaza is too bold: it interferes with reading a tiny bit. It's a good page, tho - the Calendar's good, the Community Report's good, the Forum Update's okay, but the stats seem a bit pointless since it's only for overall posts and those rarely change whereas monthly posting stats would seem more newsworthy. Equivalent wiki editing stats would be interesting too - and just as easy to procure. I thought it was weird that they talked about Cell/Galactic Petey and Baby Time/MSS being temporarily banned without also mentioning Rudnicki and B.wilson being completely kicked off of both the forum ad the wiki - those seem like way more major incidents (but I don't post on the forums, so maybe the two bans that were mentioned are noteworthy in those circles).

Also, no offense to anyone, but Screenshot, Boxart and Sprite of the Month are all pointless.


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