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Re: Post your grades ITT.
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Hearing this is absolutely fantastic, MCD! :celebration:

Either way, what are you going to be studying?

Re: Post your grades ITT.
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Congrats my man. If I'm ever in Lancaster I'll hit you up.
Also, I'm going to be studying at McGill in Montreal come September.
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Re: Post your grades ITT.
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^One of my friends went to McGill (for literature).

Also, congrats, MCD!

My last mark was an A+ in a Philosophy & Methods course about grad school and science research. Now I don't get marks anymore, just one pass/fail result for my Masters defence in a year. I give marks to students as a TA now, tho. And instead of writing exams, I stand around boredly watching other people write while I mark down how much time they have left on the chalkboard. It's so great being a grad student  8)
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